15 December 2011

Warning: Crazy Diet Stuff

Or not... For you, Jimbo L. and many others.  Think about it!


Jim Huffman said...

I'm sorry, but this video is complete nonsense.

We haven't been evolving for 2 million years. Bad premise number 1.

We have been farming (cf. Gen. 4.2) from the beginning. It's not some addition to our cultures.

My issue with fad diets is that they are one size fits all, and so often wrong. And that problem is on both sides of the fence. For example, only about 25% of the population is salt sensitive (maybe less) and yet conventional medicine encourages 100% of the population to avoid salt.

Same with folks like this video. Some -- not all -- people have issues with grains and should curtail or avoid them. Again, some -- not all.

This is just another fad -- like high carb, low carb, low fat, vegan, etc., etc., etc. Fad diets often have validity for some individuals, and can be helpful for those folks. But people need to listen to their own bodies, know what makes them feel good or bad, what makes them gain weight, retain fluid, among factors. And it's probably a no-brainer that chemical "foods" (margarine, HFCS, etc.) should be avoided. But people who make videos like this want to short-cut the process of listening to our bodies and rely on pseudo-history and pseudo-science.

Beth said...

I don't think we need to rely on evolutionary arguments...there are plenty of scientific studies that any thinking Genesis-believing creationist can agree with.

These studies point to modern grains being an issue for most people. And that the effects of eating many carbs (all of which are treated as sugar by the body at some point) are negative.

I often see people simply disregard this info without really looking at it by pointing at the evolution angle or calling it a fad diet.
It's frustrating, when so many people are enjoying better quality of life by following these suggestions. And not just in some vain, superficial way like fitting into smaller jeans, but major disease symptoms are being lessened and eliminated. This is helping so many people.

Thank you, Pr. Weedon for looking at it.

William Weedon said...

Hey, it's all Sage's fault. She got me started. And I'm sold. Been a month or so. More energy than ever. Weight dropped from 161 down to 146. Eating great food and loving it. It's better than Atkins (in my opinion). I love the workout routine for Primal Fitness and can see results already. Can't wait to see what six months - or six years - living this way will bring. AND sleeping through the night again - so sweet. Anywho, I know that "it's not a diet; it's a life-style" is very faddish thing to say, BUT in this case, it's true. Sisson's approach is a lot more than just food. And yeah, I ignore all the evolutionary stuff - I shrug that off. But I can't argue with the difference in my body in such a short time...

Rebekah said...

More milk and honey for the rest of us, and we shall eat bread without scarceness while the neo-cavemen are out foraging.