07 December 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

At the altar we fling the challenge to the world.  We say:  Man has not been made for money, or wage-slavery, or mere pleasure or passion; man was not made to be a machine.  Man has been made to be God's own, made in the image of Eternity.  And this is not the vague dream of a mystic.  It sprang into realization at Bethlehem and is brought down to us today at the altar. -- B. von Schenk, The Presence, p. 55.


Pr Mark Henderson said...

Great quote!
Thank you.
I suspect the author of these words would have been striking preacher.
Looked into von Schenk at seminary but not since. Eccentric but good, yes!

William Weedon said...

Indeed, Pr. Henderson. Um, eccentric is perhaps the kindest word for it... but an insightful theologian for all his oddities.