13 July 2007

And now the praying begins...

...seeing that Jimbo had succumbed to the poison ivy after his sinus deal, I figured I should at least give it a try. Cin and Lauren had pulled a BUNCH of the nasty stuff from the edge of our patio, and left it in a pile. They both ended up with small spots - nothing too drastic. But I've never tested myself against it. So I went out this morning, boots, jeans, long sleeved shirt, and gloves and carted it off to the dumpster. I thought it would be a ten minute job. Um, not so much. Ended up working on for over 1/2 hour. Came right in, peeled off the clothes and gloves and jumped into the shower. Am REALLY hoping and praying that I don't get any nasties with the wedding closing on three weeks away.

With the pool in the yard and the backyard in shape, I think I've spent more time outside this summer than for a long time. And I've discovered something I had almost forgotten about. The pleasure of walking on grass barefoot. Something else I had forgotten about: the pain of hopping around on gravel barefoot! Ouch.

Cin and I are headed to Edwardsville in a bit for lunch, and then we'll pick up a few things at the store (she ALWAYS has to pick up "a few things" when we go out). I'm planning on getting my watch fixed at Walmart. Best watch I have ever owned. Bought it from them something like four or five years ago - maybe more - and it just keeps going except for needing a battery replaced now and again. I'm hoping that's all it needs now. It was less than $20, I remember that.

Borders looks almost done. Can't wait for it to open. I've got some books I intend to buy the first day.

Well, enough rambling for one morning.


Stoleman said...

Pastor Weedon,

Just a quick cure for the Poison Ivy for your bride and daughter and yourself if you are 'blessed' with the 'blisters'!!

Find some Jewelweed (an Indian plant) that grows wild here in VA. When the sap from this 'weed' is placed on the 'blisters' they will dry up the blister in a day or two. It is better than "Caladryl".

Hope this helps!!!

Darian L. Hybl

DebD said...

Oh gosh - I hope you guys don't get that. Its evil!

wm cwirla said...

Been there, done that, dude. Wicked, nasty stuff. Hands looked alien. Had to have the elder serve as my hands to distribute communion for two weeks.

As my doctor put it: With medical intervention (steroid Z-pack, cortisone cream), it takes about 21 days. Herbal remedies, about three weeks.

Jimbo said...

you did throw the clothes straight into the washer, didn't you?

echoing Cwirla, my doctor said using Zanfel (over the counter at Walmart, Walgreen, et al) is just about as fast as doing nothing at all... though Mark Willig says it is worth its weight in gold... which I didn't realize he meant literally... $35 for a little tube that might contain five doses. The Walgreen generic is only $23.

Dr. said to take Claritin and prescribed a steroid cream.

btw, I've also got an upper back strain (800mg of Advil twice a day) and a 39-week pregnant wife having contractions, so my cup runneth over. you don't need to take any more cues from me.