24 July 2007

One of the Most Haunting Hymns

ever composed was by St. John of Damascus (the author of the tremendous *On the Orthodox Faith,* a work that Blessed Martin Chemnitz cites with great frequency):

What earthly joy remains untouched by grief?
What glory stands forever on the earth?
Frail shadows - all, delusive dreams;
Which death will one day sweep away.
But in the light of Your countenance, O Christ,
And in the enjoyment of Your beauty,
Give rest to those whom You have chosen and taken
For You are the Lover of mankind.

--St. John of Damascus, Friday Evening Aposticha Verse

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M. said...

John of Damascus' "On the Orthodox Faith" is also referred to in the confessions, FC SD VIII, 22. I dare say that reference originated with Chemnitz, but I can't back that up with hard evidence.