15 July 2007

Happy birthday, Davids!

Today is not only the 1019th anniversary of the baptism of St. Vladimir of Kiev; it is also the 19th birthday of my son, David, and the 70th birthday of my father (in-law) Dave. We celebrated tonight with dinner at Red Lobster, and a game of Liverpool, which MOI happened to win.

We also had the joy today of celebrating Gary and Marilyn Mangum's 50th anniversary. Their granddaughter, Angel Mangum, sang during the services. Pay attention to the name - she's going to be a star one of these days. She just kept soaring higher and higher, crystal clear. I told her when she's famous, she'd better not forget us, but still come and sing for us.


Jimbo said...

I keep meaning to ask: about two weeks ago I saw in the Belleville paper an ad for a coffeehouse, which I think was named, "Dave's Jo" and located in Maryville... I think...
any connection?
btw, my child is still refusing to come out of its womb and play

William Weedon said...


No connection.

Say, when your next little one does show up, you should email me a digital pic instead of making me wait to October to behold the gifts that God has graciously given!

Give my love and sympathy to Laura! Can't be MUCH longer.

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday all, and Many Years!

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Mimi! They are both wonderful gifts of God.