10 July 2007

Never ceases to amaze me

how after a bout of sickness, the body responds with new energy - like springtime after winter. Had a sinus job that lasted for two days and felt downright lethargic. And then this morning came. And what joy to be out and about and enjoy the sunshine. Went for a 3 mile bike ride, swam a little, and did some much needed catch-up.


God gives me my days of gladness,
And I will
Trust Him still
When He sends me sadness.
God is good;
His love attends me
Day by day,
Come what may,
Guides me and defends me. (LSB 756:3

1 comment:

Jimbo said...

two days? TWO DAYS?!!??!?! try a week! and I finally start getting clear headed again only to have my skin break out with poison ivy - which now after another week is finally STARTING to subside