01 July 2007

Sts. Peter and Paul

I let that day go by without comment, but it is surely a very precious day for a parish named "St. Paul's." We remember on June 29th St. Paul's death (and St. Peter's) in Rome. Paul beheaded (Roman citizens got this better treatment) and St. Peter crucified upside down, judging himself unworthy to crucified in the same manner as the Lord Jesus. The year was likely 66 A.D.

In Christianity, it has been said that each of the three great "divisions" corresponds roughly to these three apostles:

In the East, St. John has the preeminence.
In Rome, St. Peter.
For the Protestants, St. Paul.

There is something beautiful in the Church remembering that we cannot oppose these men; that they belong together in their witness to the Incarnate Lord who is crucified and risen and ascended and who will come again in glory as judge of the living and the dead. Granted, St. John was not included in the commemoration on June 29, but he is there with both Peter and Paul in spirit as they yield their lives in witness to Him who is victor over death and the grave, for could Peter ever have forgotten the words spoken to him about John by our Lord in John 21?

Give Your church,
Lord, to see
Days of peace and unity.
O Lord, have mercy!

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Sch├╝tz said...

But that may all be changing, Pastor. Take note that the Pope has declared that June 29 2008 to June 28 2009 will be a "Pauline Year" for the Catholic Church to commemorate the 2000th anniversary of St Paul's birth. The recent uncovering of St Paul's tomb in Rome has meant that this will also become an even more popular point of pilgrimage, and Rome may once again become the city of St Peter AND St Paul!