24 July 2007

Road Time

One thing I like about my calling as a pastor is the time that I get to spend by myself. Don't get me wrong - I love and enjoy people's company. But I also seem to need quite a bit of time all by myself just to keep on an even keel. I get lots of this when I get in the car to make my hospital and shutin runs. Today I put down the windows in Vanna White (courtesy of Jeff and Laura) and drove all over Madison and Macoupin Counties visiting. And much as I enjoyed each visit, I also treasured the time between with the wind blowing in and the music blaring from radio or iPod. The time alone seems to restore some sense of balance in my life. I can never explain or understand it, but I know I need it. [And no, the pic is not from anywhere in Illinois, obviously, but from a road trip taken by my two older brothers through Canada and into Alaska a couple years ago.]


David said...

I know what you mean. I drive 110 miles each way to seminary at least four days a week. It takes about an hour and forty minutes. People say that it must really be hard to make such a drive so often. Well, some days it is, but most of the time it is the only peace and quiet, or alone time that I get. I have come to really love this drive, for all of the reasons you have stated in your post.

Anonymous said...

It is because you are an introvert. Introverts can enjoy being around others, but they need to be alone to refresh themselves and regain their equilibrium. Extroverts need to be with others to get recharged.

Being an introvert myself, I totally understand having to be alone. The older I get, the more alone time I need! Then I am ready to rejoin others for some fun.

Jimbo said...

if Weedon is an introvert, I shudder to think about what I am!

I don't have PALS to go to, I don't have near as many shutins at great distances as I used to, and I don't have near as many hospital calls to St. Louis - and I greatly miss those long drives.

William Weedon said...

Anon, funny, I've never thought of myself as an introvert, but it is absolutely true that I recharge, if you will, in the alone time, rather than the social time.

David, those drives sound wonderful. I'll bet you do enjoy them.

Jimbo, you have always seemed so outgoing to me - from the first time we sat down together over lunch and talked. But, if I understand Anon correctly, it's not how well you deal with others, but where you "recharge your batteries" that makes the difference. In that case, I am definitely an introvert. And the week following the wedding we'll have something like 13 extra folks around here for the better part of the week! I'll need to drive down to hold Timothy David for a while. ;)

Jimbo said...

he will be waiting. as for me being outgoing - certain people encourage that in me. you're one of them. otherwise I'm pretty reserved.