01 July 2007

What Sundays Were Meant To Be...

...today was my ideal Sunday. After the Divine Services and Bible Class, came home and had a pot of coffee (had it set to begin brewing right before service was finished). Then we had lunch together. I vaccuumed the pool, and went for a chilly swim (is it really the first day of July?). Worked in the garden for about 1/2 hour, read a bunch of Krauth, took a nap, went for a three mile bike-ride, and helped get dinner ready - a summer feast (burgers & chicken, fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes, mock "potato salad", watermelon and cantaloupe). Prayed Evening Prayer at Church, worked more on Starck, and then spent a little time blogging. Nothing pressing at the moment and this week (so far!) looks relatively light. Ah, summer as it was MEANT to be, and Sundays that truly are "days of rest" - for these, O Lord, receive our thanks!


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Vacuuming the pool, having a swim, riding 3 miles, gardening, helping cook supper, and working on Starck is your idea of REST????



William Weedon said...

I didn't realize how funny that looked until you pointed it out! :) I suspect it is REST because it is not anything that I *have* to do, but getting to do things that I *freely* do from enjoyment. And that is restful. Now I also get to add that I spoke to Fr. Dave Juhl tonight and that was enjoyable and restful also.

Maria said...

I passed through your area of the country yesterday - it is indeed quite chilly for the middle of summer! Quite a shock for someone who has gotten used to a southern climate. =P

The Terrible Swede said...


Ummm... where's the beer?

I always have a beer with Kung Fu Master Brockman after church.

William Weedon said...


Sometime when you pass by you must stop in and play the organ for us!


I'm not sure you'd count my Mic Ultra as beer, but I did have some of that! And later some of my famous boxed wine. :)