14 July 2007


was a busy day! Early this a.m. got the pool filter and saltwater system going. Then off for catechesis and to the hospital. Got home and went for a bike ride (I am loving the new bike and rode it three miles each day this week). Cindi and I grabbed a bite for lunch and then spent time in the pool and sun. David and Bekah joined us. I came in and worked on Starck and the prayers for Sunday. Talked to a friend, confession and absolution, and then tuned in for a bit to Synod's opening service in Houston (surprisingly sound!), and then it was time for our Saturday Service. Cindi and I made a little dinner, off to the grocery, and then time for reading (Cin and Bekah are watching a movie). A full day, but a joyous one. And my thoughts are in Houston. What will happen this week? May God grant the Synod His grace in convention!


David said...

Great minds think alike! My thoughts were there last night too. They are there today as the electoral process begins.

God grant our beloved synod mercy.

Ben Shashack said...

It is 2:00pm Sunday and as the convention streams live into my home, I pray for our synod and church leaders. I'm having a hard time explaining what exactly is going to my 7 year old daughter. She simply says, "Isn't Pastor Weedon the boss of the church?" and "I thought George Bush was president." This is my first post on your blog, pastor, and I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and our church's future as this election plays out.

Past Elder said...

Me too.

I read the opening service on the LCMS site, and was very happy to see DSIV rather than one of the Vatican II wannabes (I & II).

Who knows? Having spent more of my life out of LCMS than in, by far, I can tell you many eyes are watching to see when LCMS finally comes around -- read, joins all the other mainline churches in heterodoxy.

While I get it as a veteran of church politics and other monkey business, I don't get it in that having joined through a profession of faith that I made because I believe that faith as stated, not as a metaphor for something else, what is the deal. If you don't accept the Confessions, or see them as something great in their time but needing some re-expression for our own, there's plenty of churches out there some of which even have the word Lutheran in their name to join. You ought to be able to read the Confessions then find something like that when you go to church if it says Lutheran over the door.

Maybe I'm just too simplistic, but to borrow Pastor McCain's imagery, when I pull in to the golden arches I expect to find a Big Mac. And, if you don't want a Big Mac why did you pull into the golden arches? It ain't that hard.

William Weedon said...

Dave, Ben, and Past Elder,

Many, many people joined in praying that God's good and gracious will be done. So we trust that it was. And we keep on praying for it to be done here on earth as it is done by the holy angels in heaven.