04 November 2007

There's a Saying...

..."It's a Mac thing; you wouldn't understand."

My son and I were laughing about it the other day. It's so true. How do you explain to folks who haven't had the Mac experience what it is all about? It just sounds, well, silly. I know that. But golly, I'm having a blast. So much to learn and digest - and I doubt I'll end up using most of what this machine can do, but you never know.

My words to those who are sold on PCs: just visit an Apple Store. You can get your hands on all the stuff. Try it out and see what you think. You might even end up being one of those weirdos who has a RELATIONSHIP with their computer. ;) Mac.. It's catching!


Pastor Beisel said...

you just like it because it's so new.

Anonymous said...

I personally find mac stores dreadfully boring...the only thing they're good for is checking email while at the mall...because ya'll spend too much time there and it gets boring.

Anonymous said...

and I agree with Pastor above...
I KNOW you
you'll be DYING for the next new one...once it comes out.
ya always are :)

William Weedon said...

LOL. Pastor Beisel, you are encouraging my daughter to be downright disrespectful. Like she needs encouragement! ;)

Oh, a couple of your members visited with us again. What on earth brings them down this way so often? I think they were here last week too.

Chris said...

You like Macs? I'll say a rosary for you Father :-)...HAH.

In Christ,

The Avid "PC" Fan,


P.S. I hope your new computer treats you well. May your future be speedy and virus free.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I've been on this G-4 for seven years, and I put a new hard drive in it, (well, someone else did), and have stuffed it with ram.
Back "in the day", Mac meant you were the red-headed step-child of the computer world. Luckily, it's not that bad now.

Hopefully I will be on the desktop for another 5 years.

The Musical Engineer said...

You know, Mac and PC aren't the only two OS's out there. Linux is becoming more and more friendly to non-computer nerds.

I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, and it's extraordinarily easy to set up, add software (much of it free!), and change settings without having to resort to the command line.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

The thing that sold me on it - when I turn on my laptop - I can go and do whatever in 20 seconds - tops (sometimes as quick as 15).

My PC at church takes at least 2 minutes to boot up. Mac is so nice.

And now I've learned how to right click and everything is all good. . . and in theory, I could get panther and play video games on it.

Lutheran Woman said...

MACS spelled backwards is SCAM!!!

Mwahahaha! :o)

wm cwirla said...

The original post is quite on target. To use a Mac is to redefine the who experience of computing, just as to drive a Maserati redefines one's understanding of driving.

mlorfeld said...

I think this PC vs Mac sums up my argument:

I love the fact that I can upgrade my computer bit by bit. I used to be a Mac user, but then realized that the "it" in "It's a Mac thing" is a thin wallet and a computer with inferior performance.

wm cwirla said...

Anger, bargaining, denial, depression. It's all so painful to read. Waiting for the next version of Vista to get it right. The PC was made for those who like to tinker bit by bit. Just like a Volkswagen.