11 July 2008

Ah, the Day Off

I do enjoy Fridays. Today we got a late start, spending time catching up on blogs, news and such. I enjoyed my morning coffee as I read and browsed. Then we caught an hour out in the pool this a.m. Bekah joined us a while too. After lunch we went back to working on the fish pond. We've finally got it cleaned out and looking (and SMELLING) good again. The sun was so inviting that Bekah, David, Cindi and I ended up in the pool again for an hour. Finished cleaning up in my office (I'd let the bookshelves turn into a jumble) while Cindi worked on a filing cabinet. Then dinner (Bek was already at work, but steaks for Cin and David, and hotdogs for me - stop laughing. I just like them more than steaks), and now we're preparing for Liverpool with Dave and Jo. A great and relaxing day - Deo gratias!


edie+steve said...

You must post pics.....!!

Rev. C. D. Trouten said...

Your comparison of hotdogs and steak remind me of a logic puzzle:
Nothing is better than steak.
Hotdogs are better than nothing.
Ergo: Hotdogs are better than steak!

Past Elder said...

The other day, the Lutheran Tidbit of the Day thing I have on my blog said Luther's favourite meal was pea soup and herring.

Great leaping Judas in the belfry, it makes one value the parts on the distinction of meats, grateful that Luther remained clear on fidelity to the Gospel rather than pronouncing his ideas on food as normative as our detractors allege he did on faith.

Pea soup and herring? OMG indeed, it couldn't be worse at a Norwegian parish dinner!

Now I like a good hot dog as much as anyone, but surely the reason God did not mention a good steak as the best of meals was an allowance to the weak. There's one place here in Omaha that has steaks so good it's nearly sacramental, especially with garlic whipped potatoes. And everyone knows the height of hot dog consumption is at the ball park as part of baseball, which in, with and under the form of a sport is an enjoyment of the mind of God at sport.

I mean a beautiful Summer day, breeze blowing in the stands, understanding what each pitch means and the possibilities each brings up and what each position is doing to be ready for it, the whole field before you, nice hot dog in hand, or even better a brat -- it's a regular page 15 in the hymnal life moment!

Then head to Houston's for a New York strip with garlic whipped potatoes and a Caesar salad!

I am a member of Red Sox Nation living in the Diaspora, in this particular point of which it's the Omaha Royals, last stop on the way to the KC Royals.

Steven said...

I can't believe you prefer hot dogs to steak. This must be a typo. :) Maybe you just haven't had the right steak. :)

Past Elder said...

All right then. You guys come out for an afternoon Royals game, and given as the ball park and Houston's are on opposite sides of town and the lines leaving the park, there'll be time for you guys to chant Vespers before we get to Houston's. I'll drive. That's what elders are for, help those pastors out!