28 July 2008

Hospital Day

I spent the day with my beloved father-in-law, Dave, who is also my parishioner, at St. Mary's. Today's surgery was to fix his hand, which he injured last week in a saw slip up. I spent much of the day thinking about this man whose life has been so intertwined with my own. I remember him bringing me along with his family to Jesus 77 in the Florida sunshine. I remembered when I was a student at Montgomery College and a snow storm hit and closed down the bus transportation. My own father had recently died. I was there in Rockville with no way home. Dave came to the rescue! He arrived in a little VW bug and off we went. He even had the joy of doing some donuts on the way home, but I mostly remember being so thankful and relieved that I didn't have to leave my mom alone that night - that Dave came out to get me. I remembered the trip to Ocean City (one of many) when the car broke down. He was in such pain - his back had given him problems for years, but he faithfully worked on the car while the girls were at the beach. I stayed with him in case I could help (which is really laughable - "hand me the wrench, Bill" "Um, Dave, what's a wrench look like?"). He did the whole thing and finished just in time to transport everyone back home. I remember trying to haul him and Cindi around on a catamaran that we rented at Ocean City - just in time for low tide to ground the dang thing. I remember the long hours he put in at the Tuneup Shop. The countless trips to the campground in PA and to the "Farm" in the valley. I remember him being there for my father's funeral, my brother's funeral, my mother's funeral. He has been there at every turn, a loving support. I remember our trip to PEI when Cindi asked: what snacks should I bring out? and he said: "All of them!" So many, many memories over the years. I am very grateful that my father-in-law is not only my parishioner, but one of my dearest friends. The doc is hopeful for a good recovery of the hand - and I'm definitely praying for one too. Much love, old friend!


DebD said...

I remember a similar catamaran incident with Dad, but I don't recall you being there.

Hope you're feeling better this evening.

William Weedon said...

I don't remember YOU in this one, so it must have happened more than once! :)

Much, much better this evening, thanks be to God! Sorry I was in such a fog this a.m.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, I remember that incident and Bill wasn't there.


William Weedon said...


The episode I recall involved just Dave, Cindi and me - it was in the lagoon on the other side of the Purple Pad from the ocean.

DebD said...

For a family of w/ Dutch blood, we don't seem to have much luck in the boating department. Grandpa D. would have been shocked! LOL