23 July 2008


This morning after some yard work (spoken of earlier), a meeting with a dear friend and member; then a wee bit of sun in the pool. Only a wee bit, because I needed to head to Collinsville for Issues, Etc. today - a pastoral round-table (although the table I saw was square) with Pr. Michael Kum, Pr. Tim Rossow, and myself. Then to pick up Bekah from the Herberts and back here for dinner. Then the Wednesday marathon: Divine Service for St. Mary Magdalene Day, Bible Class on Song of Songs 4, Compline, and beginning an adult instruction class. Great class tonight with some good discussion. It feels decidedly WEIRD, however, to go from Compline to another activity!!!

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revmlk said...

It's K U M M :) Don't want to be confused with the Kum & Go convenience store chain! ha! It was good to be with you, dear brother!