25 July 2008

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

Oh, let us long for that glorious day when God will break open the seal of His eternal testament and distribute the heavenly inheritance among His children! In the meantime, let us be faithful until death, that we, too, may obtain the crown of life. Let us cling to Christ, who grants us aid in life and in death. - C. F. W. Walther, *God Grant It!* p. 616


Andrew said...

This is a fantastic quote. I really enjoy this continuing segment in your blog. And it makes me wonder: why haven't I read anything by Walther? Can you suggest a good place to start?

I'm still getting started, but feel free to stop by my blog: http://solagratiasolafide.blogspot.com/

Thanks! Andrew

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Andrew. For more Walther, I'd recommend the book this quote was taken from. Daily devotions throughout the church year from Walther's sermons: God Grant It!

You can pick it up at CPH.

I'll stop by that blog!