29 July 2008

You'll never guess what I did this evening!

I had a long and enjoyable talk with my son. We talked about tons of stuff (after back scratches). Thank you, Lord, for such a son - I surely have done nothing to deserve him! I think about my children and I am absolutely amazed at them all. So different from each other, and now all so grown up. Lew, David, and Bekah, I love you each more than words can ever express!!! And I love that you feel free to talk to us about everything.


Meaghan said...

I may have a slightly biased opinion, but you do have a pretty great son.
-Meaghan :-)

Pr. Lehmann said...

Meaghan's right.

You do have a great son.

David, if you're reading, I miss you often.

William Weedon said...


He also has a pretty nifty young lady!

And of course you and Charlie are right.

BrotherBoris said...

Loved the comment about back scratches! Truly one of the most satisfying pleasures of life. :)