15 July 2008

Happy birthday, my Davids!

Today my son and father-in-law share a birthday - a most blessed birthday to you both! The younger David's birthday means that Cindi and I now have only one child left who is a teen, our Bekah Boo. We celebrated younger David's birthday on Sunday; older David's birthday will be celebrated tonight. Lauren and Dean will join us (younger David has to work!), and we'll enjoy pizza (the real deal and some low carb) and then I thoroughly intend to WIN some liverpool. As mom always used to say, "I can't lost his cornfield, but I'll try found it." What? you ask. Shouldn't DAVE win on his birthday? NO! He had an early birthday present last Friday and TROUNCED us. :)


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday and Many Years to both Davids in your life!

Enjoy the day!

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Mimi. I'm sad to report that BEKAH stole the game tonight - though *I* had the lowest score going into the last hand. :(