23 July 2008

AND continuing the "green" trend...

...I shaped up the bushes out front and the rose bush on the side today with a pair of hand clippers. They need to be sharpened, I believe, but they still did the job and did it with much less hassle and noise than our electric clippers. I've always despised yard work - I am beginning to think it was mostly because I despise loud noises! I clipped away this a.m. for about 20 minutes and go them looking somewhat better and as I clipped I could even hear the birds singing. Sam Gamgee was really onto something!


Father Hollywood said...

Dear Padre:

I think you may be on to something.

I walk to work every day and try to do errands and shut-in calls by bicycle. No commuter stress, road rage, listening to traffic reports on the radio, and far less angst over the $4 gas.

I got rid of the gas mower and was using an electric (*much* quieter and cleaner), but now that we have a smaller lawn, we got a reel mower (*most* quiet and clean), and Miss Grace actually mows the grass - and enjoys the "click-click-click" as you've described.

The lowered noise level is just plain more serene and peaceful, the clippings are good for the lawn - and the mower is lighter and much easier to manage.

When someone in the neighborhood is mowing grass with a petroleum-powered machine, or (even worse!) one of those Satanic leaf-blowers, I can actually feel my blood pressure go up.

I think we're being sold a bill of good with all this "global warming" stuff, but by the same token, we *are* to be good stewards of the land and its resources. As a people, we Americans are too fat, too sated, too spoiled, and too out of touch with God's creation. Gluttony is indeed one of the Seven Deadlies.

We have also surrendered that Christian notion of mankind's dominion over the earth to the Left, who have in turn given it a pseudo-religious name: "Environmentalism."

Maybe it's time we Christians take it back and put it into proper biblical perspective as "stewardship over God's creation."

If nothing else, it's better for our bodies and more soothing for our minds.

Rosko said...

I can say it no better than it was already said. Father Hollywood, you rock!

William Weedon said...

Reverend Dean of the Society of St. Polycarp,