18 July 2008

Friday's Fun

Cindi and I headed out early this morning for breakfast at Sgt. Pepper's - we love their breakfast menu (served all day). After we got home, I vacuumed the pool and then Cin, Bek and I caught a few rays. After lunch, Cindi headed over to a friend's and I decided to see how far the new bike path out of Worden goes - or rather, how far I could go on it! Made it up to Decamp Junction and back at a nice pace - took just over 1 and 1/2 hour. No dobermans this time round! We're taking David out shortly to purchase a sports coat (delayed birthday present) and I'm buying a reel mower. This evening, God willing, we'll enjoy some liverpool again with Dave and Jo. Surely THIS time???


Jo said...

This losing streak of mine has got to stop tonight. Be prepared to lose everyone. I'm feeling goo..........d and luc.........ky.

Anonymous said...

actually...your husband felt pretty good and lucky...again.