27 July 2008

Is there any

taste so delightful as some brie with a glass of chardonnay? What a way to fill the corners at the end of a day!


Pr. Lehmann said...

Yes! There is! Brie with chardonnay that didn't come out of a box.

William Weedon said...

You know I like chardonnay out of a bottle - it tastes so much like what comes from the box in my fridge!

Omar said...

Fr. Weedon,

Agreed. Perhaps, also accompanied by some slices of a good "baguette" if you can find some low-carb version, though I don't think that exists.


William Weedon said...


It was such a delight to meet you in person! I am COUNTING on next time sharing some brie and chardonnay with you - though I think you'd approve of our lo-carb crackers as subs for the (admittedly delicious) baguette.

Omar said...


Thanks for the very warm welcome.It was CERTAINLY a pleasure to meet you in person, chat a bit and be present for the Eucharist! Your proposal sounds most excellent.


Anonymous said...

yes, there is...it is call brie en croute. It is brie cheese with toasted walnuts and cranberries wrapped in a puff pastry and baked to perfection. A great picnic snack and actually easy to make. Keep it warm in the pic-a-nic basket and enjoy with that cool chardonnay.

Barbara Sullivan