17 July 2008

Ha! Didn't I TELL you?

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[HT: Matt Bowers]


Mark said...

I recall once seeing a mid-60's cover of the venerable Life magazine carrying the headline, "New Proof that Cancer IS Contagious."

Time for a slice of toast.


William Weedon said...


You need some of Cindi's fabulous locarb bread for your toast - YUMMY! Especially loaded, and I do mean loaded, with BUTTER!

Mark said...

Feel free to drop a loaf of the locarb bread in the mail.

Sadly, with two parents who are thin as rails yet with sky high cholesterol, I've been dealt a bad hand. So when it comes to butter, I'm a Romans 7 sort of fellow. I know what's right and I long to do the right thing, but there is, at it were, a war within me. Who shall deliver me from this butter of death? Thanks be to Crestor!

My popcorn is ready. Time to melt the butter.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I'm thinking of going low carb for the last stretch of my diet.

Anonymous said...

Will your wife share the recipe for this fabulous locarb bread so others might indulge?