31 July 2008

Sneak Preview

Because I bug and harass the good folks at CPH no end, I've been blessed to see some of the new Treasury of Daily Prayer. All I can say is: PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY! The good folks who have worked on this puppy have produced something that I have never seen in the whole of Lutheran liturgical history: a daily office book and so much more in a SINGLE volume. Not one that refers to charts for you to search out readings in your Bible or Psalter. No, everything needed is included between the two covers of this ginormous volume. ALL the daily Bible readings; the entire Psalter (and yes, with the monthly chart from Common Prayer also included); fabulous readings from the early Church, Reformation, and post-Reformation fathers (with none of those wacky readings on finds in the otherwise excellent For All the Saints); Hymn verses; Commemorations; Prayers; all the daily prayer offices in LSB including the suffrages and litany; helps for private confession and preparation for Communion; seasonal invitatories, antiphons, responsories. The list could go on and on.

I was certainly excited to see the excellent materials produced for Lutheran Service Book, but this companion volume for the Daily Office exceeds my wildest expectations. Kudos to Scot Kinnaman and his team. They're preparing to bless the Lutheran Church with a prayer resource that will be valued by pastors, deaconesses, teachers, church workers of whatever stripe, and the laity. What a gift! I can't wait to order mine!!! You'll want to order one for you, for your pastor, and for each member of your family. It's that good. Honest injun!


Anonymous Lutheran said...

Does this make my web site obsolete? ;-)

William Weedon said...

Your web site still has the advantage of READING me the daily readings. ;)

Anonymous Lutheran said...

lol! You know, it's kind of funny: I rarely use that feature personally, so I tend to forget it's there.

I sure hope this book lives up to all the hype. I'm especially looking forward to the readings from the Church fathers, but from what you say, it sounds like I might just discover all sorts of goodies I hadn't even thought of, once I get my hands on it.

George said...

Great News! I've been wanting something like this for a long time. Sad it's taken us so long to get it. The Roman Catholics have had something like this for years & years already.

W.T. Odom said...

How does this compare to the Liturgical Brotherhood Prayerbook?

William Weedon said...

How does it compare to Brotherhood Prayer Book? That's a very good question. First, it is in the ESV rather than KJV. Second, it utilizes the hymns from LSB only, not the richer selection of Office Hymns that is found in BPB. Third, it is far larger and more complete: the readings are INCLUDED, not something you have to go look up. Fourth, largely because of 3, it is easier to use. You'll keep one ribbon at the daily stuff, one at the Psalter, and one at the liturgy you're using, and if you want, one at the seasonal propers. That's about all you'd have to track. Fifth, the liturgies and psalm tones are identical to LSB, so the music is obviously somewhat easier than the Gregorian standard that BPB sets; and the wording is thus identical to that used in our church's service book (something that could not be said exactly for Lindemann's office, Sauer's office, For All the Saints, or even BPB). This last point is important if the book ends up being a parish resource for praying the office.

By the way, there is an absolute stunning piece of advice in the book about praying the office - and that is, don't try to make up what you miss. If you didn't get to Matins by a certain time of the day, don't kill yourself by making the office a burden! Rather, pick up where you should be and go from there again. That is exactly right and the way the to keep on rejoicing in the office as a gift and joy, and not some sort of a burden (such as Luther complained about).

Timothy said...

Third, it is far larger and more complete: the readings are INCLUDED, not something you have to go look up.

So how big is it? Compare its size to "Concordia".


Paul McCain said...


The text block is 1.625 inches. The cover will add a bit more. The exterior dimensions are the same as Concordia. Page count is 1500. The paper is a nice Bible type paper, a bit thicker than Bible paper.

So, basically, imagine a book the same "spine width" as the Lutheran Service Book, but the same exterior dimensions of Concordia. Large? Yes. Uncomfortably so? Nope.

It's going to be nice. Available in two bindings:

A flexible softcover, in burgundy (of course!)

And in a nice bonded leather.

Offered at a 30% introductory discount, the basic model will go for $34.99, the leather for $55.99

Congregations will receive a promotional mailing with a sign-up poster and the offer that if they wish to order 1-9 copies, they are $34.99, and orders of 10 or more copies will come with free shipping.

Be looking for promotional mailing materials in late September, or October. The book is due to arrive here in time for a distribution on October 31.

We will be opening up a special web site for Treasury with viewable samples, etc.

Rev. Jim Roemke said...

I cannot wait for this! Thanks to Pr. Weedon for always keeping people so up-to-date on Lutheran piety. If it wasn't for his 'challenge' a few years back to pray to offices and read the Confessions, I never would have started and how much poorer my life would have been.

Paul McCain said...

More to tantalize:


Fraser Pearce said...

This is great news. I hope that this material is well publicized down here in Australia as well.

I couldn't get into For All the Saints - it does, as you say, have some rather whacky readings.

The BPB is great, and I use it; but I am looking forward to getting a copy of a one-volume, all-inclusive, Lutheran office book.

Paul McCain said...

And, permit me to make this point very clear:

This resource was not prepared as an "answer" or an "alternative" or as a "response" to any book, from anyone.

It stands alone, and unique.

Now, having made that clear....

The ALPB books seemed like the perfect answer to me, years ago, when I bought them, to my desire to have a really good, substantial resource for praying the offices. I was quite excited, but....it just so happens that I ordered them on, or near, Maundy Thursday. I remember opening to Maundy Thursday only to be presented with a reading on the Lord's Supper from John Calvin. John Calvin??!!!!

In disgust, I put the books back in the box, and posted them up on e-bay and was rid of them.

I'm extremely proud of our CPH team for the great job they did in pulling together these resources. Rev. Scot Kinnaman, the general editor, and his co-editors and our contributors all did a fantastic job.

Scot K said...


Tell me who to contact or what publications to contact in Australia, and I will see if we can't get that publicity going for you.

BTW, speaking of Australia, do you have John Kleinig's fantastic new book, Grace Upon Grace? Did it make "the news" in Australia?

Fraser Pearce said...

Scot K,

I had JWK's book, but have already given it away to a member of the congregation who I thought could benefit from it! I know JWK well, and am thankful for having had the chance to learn theology from him.

I'd suggest you check the contact at http://www.acresources.com.au/
for distribution.