24 February 2009

A Full St. Matthias Day

Breakfast with Cindi and Bekah (cereal) + Matins + Visit to Ryton (looked 1000% better; the "good" kind of Leukemia; keep prayers rising; chemo started today) + An unsuccessful hospital call (patient undergoing tests) + Lunch at home with Cindi (lo-carb wraps filled with deli meat and cheese) + Communion to Ruth and a good visit (Delmar was her son-in-law, but we rejoiced that he died a blessed death and that in the Eucharist we still feast together) + Changed Church Sign (YIKES! Last changed during ADVENT) + Prepared Nave for Lent + Vespers + Dinner (traditional pancakes, sausage and eggs) + Communion to Debbie and a nice visit with Janet + Home and a touch of blogging and web surfing.

I still have three communion calls to finish for my shutins; hopefully in the afternoon tomorrow. Thanks be to God for Pastor Gleason's assistance!

Tomorrow the Fast begins. May it be a most blessed time for all the readers of this blog! During these days, the Divine Service at St. Paul invariably ends with this hymn. I leave it with you as a worthy prayer for each day of holy Lent:

On my heart imprint Your image,
Blessed Jesus, King of grace,
That life's riches, cares, and pleasures
Never may Your work erase.
This the clear inscription be:
Jesus crucified for me
Is my life, my hope's foundation
And my glory and salvation!


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I almost did that hymn for yesterday's Time Out, but the audio was contaminated with talking from below.

William Weedon said...

It's a battle of the wills at St. Paul's when that hymn starts, Dan. We've sung it for years before LSB, and so the folks nearly ALL have it memorized in the older form. My wife leads the rebellion and still sings the old words, ignoring whatever is in the new hymnal... Wretched woman! ;)

Bryce P Wandrey said...

Wouldn't St Matthias' day be on the 14 May? Or am I severely confused.

SimonPotamos said...

Fascinating. According to this site, the commemoration of St. Matthias falls on 30 January. However, Wikipedia tells us that

The feast of Saint Matthias was included in the Roman Calendar in the eleventh century and celebrated on the sixth day to the Calends of March (February 24 usually, but February 25 in leap years). Owing to the reform of the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints in 1969, his feast was transferred to May 14, so as to celebrate it in Eastertide close to the Solemnity of the Ascension,[3] the event after which the Acts of the Apostles recounts that Matthias was selected to be ranked with the Twelve Apostles. St Matthias' feast continues to be observed on February 24 on some local calendars and by Traditional Roman Catholics.

For once, then (or maybe 'yet again'), it's the Lutheran calendar that has antiquity on its side.

Anonymous said...

(usaully, I'd post my name, but I think it better to be anonymous this time):

1. I meant to tell you after my Private C&A that O Come Emmanuel was a bit dated... but, just like you, I forgot.

2. It's hard to fast from deserts when your own members shanghai you by bringing stuff over. Currently we have a peach pie and brownies - not to mention that it was Cream Puff Sunday (family tradition, our own VERY LITTLE Mardi Gras if you will, though not Mardi), the ice cream in the freezer, or the cake I just finished off last night.

I think I might have to find something else to give up. But what? Can't give up normal foods - my body isn't healthy enough to risk that right now. And all the other stuff I can come up with are sins that I should be giving up for my whole life, not just Lent.

William Weedon said...


You need to check on the date in the AUTHORIZED Book of Common Prayer! I believe it is the same as the Lutheran date - the medieval one.


Do check out this post on fasting:


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I forgot to mention the two bags of chocolate chip cookies. More to come. This is most certainly true.

and thanks for re-heating the leftovers. Might just adapt it into the lenten sermon you wrote for CPH this year.

Anonymous said...

(just one problem with that post - even you say, "for all who can safely do it" - which I can't right now.)

Bryce P Wandrey said...

Indeed; it is in the BCP. We are mostly on the Common Worship lectionary for Daily Prayer which is why I found it strange that I had missed St Matthias' Day at prayers yesterday.