15 February 2009

Lent Fast Approaching

Fast in BOTH meanings! Now it's only a week and half away. One of the sad things about the arrival of Lent is the abandonment of Job in his sufferings - as Pr. Leistico pointed out, for those of us reading with the Treasury and LSB Daily Lectionary, we only get the rest of the Job story in those years when Easter falls quite late. He suggests that folks might wish to continue reading the Job portions along with the assigned readings for Lenten tide. Not a bad idea. In any case, though, remember that the SKIP is about to happen, and on February 25 we will switch from the calendar year (just looking up the day's date) in Treasury to the Lenten portion (using the Church Year designations), beginning on page 24. In case you are wondering, from Ash Wednesday to the arrival of Easter Day is 157 pages worth of reading, and some quite choice selections, I might add. Unique to the Lenten portion of Treasury is daily Lenten Catechesis.

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edie said...

We can't wait. Also bought the O Sacred Head Now Wounded devotional.