15 February 2009


This especially for members of St. Paul or the Southern Illinois District. President Kieschnick has offered to answer questions that are written down and turned in at our District Convention. If you have a question you'd like to ask our Synodical President, you can post it in the replies and either I or our lay delegate, Kevin Reiseck will see that it gets turned in.


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Can you post the list of questions that are going to be asked? And I'd like a report of how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound skeptical, but who will pre-screen or pre-select the questions to be answered?
Mary Kruta

William Weedon said...

Will try to report, Pr. Brown.

Mary, President Mueller will select and present the questions.

Jeremy Loesch said...

Allow a question from a non-SID guy? I am SED, so is the change of a vowel acceptable?

How are you (the SP) working to keep the 'marriage' of doctrine and evangelism intact?

Has there been any discussion about temporary salary freezes or reductions in the upper echelon of our Synod?

What is the rationale for short-term non-ordained missionaries in foreign fields compared to long-term ordained missionaries?

What is the rationale for the BRTFSSG? I mean, seriously?

Our SED convention meets May 1-3 and Q&A is scheduled but questions will likely revolve around the pectoral cross that Pres. Kieschnick wears, how much he loves Texas, and what the forecast is for the Texas A&M football team in the 2009 season. Sad. I'll be asking the above questions, so perhaps we can compare answers.

Thanks. Jeremy

William Weedon said...

My question will be:

Could you give us the rationale for Synod's threatening to sue Issues, Etc. for trademark infringement? How would such an action glorify God or build up our unity in Christ?