13 February 2009

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

We need to be on guard against the weaknesses and infirmities of our nature, against succumbing to false security, but petitioning God for His Holy Spirit, to remove such obstacles, to sweep out those thorns and thistles from our hearts, so that we can continue to hear and retain God's Word, and bring forth the good fruit, by faith in Christ, through which faith we not only live in obedience to God but also become God's children and heirs. The main reason this seed is sown, that is the gospel is proclaimed in all the world, is to create and work fruit in us which endures into eternity. -- Blessed Martin Luther, Homily for Sexagesima (HP I:290)

1 comment:

Paul McCain said...

Well, there's a guy who obviously did not know how to preach Law/Gospel. Look at how he calls on people to do good works.

Glad we Lutherans know not to preach like this.