17 February 2009

Lectio Divina

The tail end of today's second reading (John 6:16ff.) Our Lord walking on water. I don't think this was so much a manifestation of His true divinity as He, the new Adam, revealing what glory and mastery of the creation true Man was intended to enjoy. His presence upon the water at first caused fear, but it melted to joy when He spoke: "It is I; do not be afraid."

For fallen man lives in fear. Fear of things beyond his control - the fear of being in a wee boat upon a fast sea with the storm winds rising. Fear of the inexplicable - like men walking on water. But with Him, with our Lord, the fear is driven away by His speaking, His presence, His being with us. He shows us what life is like without fear; for His is a life of complete trust and surrender to His Father. In such trust He triumphs over all nature; He shows us what our future will be.

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