27 February 2009

Six Months Done

One fourth of the way toward the fabulously fit by fifty goal! Observations along the way:

Working out 3 times a week is perfect - fits into the schedule without overburdening or burning me out.

High intensity interval bursts really pay off - I've taken to doing them mostly on the stair-stepper. At each even number of minutes I will go all out for 30 seconds, then back to normal for 1.5 minutes and then repeat. Really works up a sweat and seems to be a true fat buster. Do 35 minutes of cardio first and invariably intervals; then 15 minutes of cardio to finish up after weights, often but not exclusively with interval bursts.

I seem to NEED to do this at the Y - I just couldn't be motivated at home. Might have something to do with a bright sunny room vs. a dark and dingy basement?

Discovered recently a simple machine that helps with ab crunches; was up to 100 today and felt like I could keep going. The ab workout each time I go in seemed a bit excessive at first, but I've come to really look forward to it. Three ab exercises each time.

Mostly I've stayed with the nautilus machines; I am venturing more into free weights though.

All in all, a great decision, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Am curious what will happen to weight during Lent???

P.S. Should have mentioned that part and parcel of this was the decision to eat only at mealtime, except for an apple in the afternoons, and with Sundays as "free days." Of course, I am sticking with Atkins because it's done so very well by me.


Gary J, Bay City, MI said...

Pastor Weedon,

Congrats! I only know of you thru this blog, WT, and IE, but I wanted to say congratulations. I am waaaay overweight, by at least 100 pounds or so, and started with the Nutrisystem meals. I needo to start exercising, but I am wary of it. Three years ago I got into good shape but I was obsessed with exercising. I do not want to be person I was then. I was a lost sheep and now I am found, so maybe exercising wont be a problem, but it was good to read what you wrote.

William Weedon said...


I understand the obsession with it; been there, done that. Don't want to go back either. That's why I really like the three times a week - just enough, if you will.

I am down 50+ pounds from my highest (before Atkins) - and I have a little frame, so those extra 50 really were straining things. Best of luck with Nutrisystem - I've heard some good stuff about it - people who used it and really lost.