28 February 2009

Very Fine Reading

In between groaning and holding the pillow, I spent the afternoon reading much of *Orthodox Readings of Augustine* - a collection of essays that trace out some of the interactions of Orthodox readers to Augustine and some insights into Augustine himself by various contributors. It's a must read for those who think Romanides, Yannaris and Zizioulas get Augustine right. It's published by SVS 2008. Among the essays I particularly thought well done (aside from the introductory tracing of how Augustine fares among the Orthodox), were Flogaus' essay on the use of St. Augustine in the Hesychast Controversy (outstanding!); Daley's essay Making a Human Will Divine: Augustine and Maximus on Christ and Human Salvation; and the really outstanding work by Lewis Ayres on Augustine's Pneumatology and the Metaphysics of the Spirit; and last but not least Andrew Louth's "Heart in Pilgrimage:" St. Augustine as Interpreter of the Psalms [happy to note that Augustine's words on Psalm 101 - the example Louth uses - are printed in the footnotes of the Lutheran Study Bible. Sweet!]. Kudos to St. Vlad's for publishing these essays!


Elephantschild said...

Yes, yes. I've heard that a little light reading is a good remedy for intense abdominal pain! ;)

orrologion said...

I'm about half way through and have been enjoying it, too. One of many in cue to be finished. Not sure what Lent will do to effect that reading list.

What about reading it made you think you had gall bladder pain, or did it actually cause gall bladder pain? :) I'm guessing it was Flogaus' constant reference to himself.