21 February 2009

This-n-That from the District Convention

Well, it's all over for another three years. Some of the more important highlights:

* SID overwhelming re-elected our beloved District President, Herbert Mueller. First vice-president is Pr. Timothy Scharr; second vice-president is Pr. George Gude (our constitutional expert and Synod historian in residence).
* SID rejected a resolution that would have had our District participate in Fan into Flame Initiative and adopted a substitute resolution built on the idea that we could be better stewards of the Lord's money by funding mission project through our District with near zero overhead (as we have done before; and as we resolved to continue to do) and without thus underwriting some of the goofiness that this campaign has produced (such as the Jefferson Hill's Church Sucks billboards that disgraced Lutherans in St. Louis or the Sex Series during Lent up in Michigan).
* SID petitioned the Synod in convention to finally FIX our straying from AC XIV and make sure that only those who are publicly placed into the office of the ministry are to be doing Word and Sacrament ministry.
* SID renewed her mission commitments to the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (we were blessed to have Bishop Tswaede and a layman from his church present); to Unity Lutheran Mission School; to Prison Ministry (SID runs the biggest ministry to prisoners in the LCMS, I believe); to the Ex-offenders Re-entry Program called "Freed in Christ"; to the recent mission start in Saline County.
* SID sent numerous resolutions onto Synod in response to the Blue Ribbon task force, mostly asking that they leave things as they are (one pastor, one lay vote per circuit; circuit counsellors chosen by the churches; no redrawing of District boundaries, and so on).
* SID encouraged all member congregations (and their members) to examine the Blue Ribbon task force's report on the Synod Website and provide respectful feedback.
* SID voted overwhelmingly to send a resolution to the Board of Directors of Synod asking them cease and desist from the opposition to Pr. Wilken and Jeff being given the trademark "Issues, Etc." The President told the convention the day before that Synod had never threatened to sue them. He's technically correct; it was the Synod's legal counsel that threatened that. But we wanted to go on record as a District that such was a ridiculous waste of money and energy; they need to stop opposing the registration of the TM and be done with it.
* SID resent to the Synod two resolutions that it ignored at the last convention: one dealing with closed communion and the other with rejection of unionism and syncretism of every description.
* SID was blessed to hear a FANTASTIC presentation by Pr. Matthew Harrison on Our One Sure Hope. When he finished some of us wanted to stand up and chant: "Yes, we can!" :) Many, many of us hope that he will be our next Synodical President. The contrast between him and President Kieschnick was marked and many folks commented on it.

I *think* that's about a wrap. I'm sure if I forgot anything of great import someone will mention it in the comments. Overall, a very fine convention, as they go. But as Pastor Scharr reminded us in the closing homily the future of the Church is NOT in conventions, resolutions, votes and elections. The future of the Church is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, received in repentance, lived out in faith. HE is our One Certain Hope; He and none other.


David said...

Did you meet my dad? He was the lay delegate for my home congregation

William Weedon said...

Not only did I meet him, but he joined several of us for lunch at Zapatas on Friday. The only thing missing was you. :(

smith_ad19 said...

Makes me wish I was a member of the SID. Alas, I am attached to another district of our blessed synod and do not think our convention will go even close to this high mark.

Rev. James Leistico said...

you missed reporting on this highlight(lowlight?): apparently I and the lovely and gracious Laura have 5 enemies in the district. grin.
(for those not aware, my wife gave birth to twins last Tuesday, and I passionately appealed to not be considered for chair of the missions board. nonetheless, 5 people still voted for me.)

Pr. Lehmann said...


Ah, Zapatas.

You'se making me hungry.


I crushed a brother in my circuit at our winkel last week when I told him that we'd nominated him for District President. He wondered what he'd done to us that we sought revenge in such a way.

Christopher Esget said...

I miss being in your district.

Rev. James Leistico said...

Esget, if you were in our district still, you'd be seeing me at Winkels (we shifted circuit boundaries.)

David said...

The bold confession of the Truth is one thing I miss about SID. Another is the faithful brother pastors, including my dear friend William who remains in my thoughts daily.

We have an excellent group of faithful brother pastors in NID. Alas, we are the Light Brigade against the forces of "what's happening now". Still we follow in His train.

I'm so glad you could meet my father. He is a fantastic lay theologian. His bovine excrement detector is tuned quite high too!