19 February 2009

That time again...

Sometime today this blog slipped over the 400,000 visits (at least since I posted the site meter - which was after a year or more of blogging). I am honored indeed to have you all visit! Whenever the meter crosses a significant new number I invite the various readers of the blog to introduce themselves. It seems quite unfair that you guys know all about me, but I know so little about you! :) So please, you might tell us your first name, your general location, your jurisdiction in the Church and anything else you might want to share. Let's hear it, who are you?


Bryce P Wandrey said...

Hi, I am Bryce P Wandrey.

I live in London.

I am a deacon in the Church of England. I should be priested this summer by the Bishop of Edmonton.

I read and comment on your blog because you seem to be almost the only LC-MS blogger who allows me to have a say without burying me with insults. :D

Darin K. said...

OK, fair enough. :)

I'm Darin. I'm a pastor who is working on his PhD dissertation at CSL (in theory) and is called as the campus pastor at an LCMS high school (in practice). I'm having an absolute blast serving here, but I'd really like to get my dissertation done eventually...;)

Julianne said...


I'm Julianne.

I go to U of M, and attend the University Lutheran Chapel here, and St. Peter, Macomb back at home. It's great to be here, and I enjoy reading this blog!

jim_claybourn said...

Hi Pastor,

Congrats on the milestone.

I'm a layman, chairman of our church council at St Pauls in Evansville (southern) IN.

I really appreciate your offering the quotes from the early churchmen.

Sam said...

I'm Sam... a vicar out of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. I help out when possible at Pastor Weedon's parish.

What a wonderful group of saints!

Tapani Simojoki said...

I'm a curate (= vicar in LCMS-parlance) in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in England, serving a parish on the Western edges of London. I must say that I admire your ability to produce blog entries as well as get some work done. One day, I'll be a real pastor too and blog regularly...

Birkholz said...

I'm Mark Birkholz, pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Oak Lawn, IL.

I did an MTh with Kleinig down in Oz and am finishing up a PhD with Don Carson at TEDS.

Thanks for the excellent resource!

Sarah D said...

My name is Sarah. I appreciate the quotes and I enjoyed doing my fieldwork at your church, attending church, having my children baptized there...so many good things!

Anonymous said...

Aloha Pastor! Congrats on the monster number of visits. I'm Gary from Hawaii. I'm a teacher. I really love your early church quotes. It's also quite exciting when the comments reach over 100 for an entry :D.

Rev. James Leistico said...

(first off - Hi Mark and Tappani! fancy seeing you here).

Weedon knows me, but for the rest of you, in order of God's call:

I'm husband to the lovely and gracious (and no longer pregnant) Laura, pastor (by grace) for the people at St. Peter and St. John Lutheran Churches (LCMS) about 70 minutes south of Hamel, father to Emma (6 years old in April), Jonathan, Timothy and newborn (Feb. 17) twins Erin and Sophia.

Oh, and I stood in protest at the purple palace with the rabble rousers Weedon, Baue, RAsburry, and Beisel after the first Issues, etc debacle.

Scott Larkins said...

A daily habit. Along with my pint of Guinness.

Thanks for your time Pr. Weedon.

Jeremy Loesch said...

Hello. I'm Jeremy. Born in Richmond, VA. Pastor's kid. Brother's a cop. Been a pastor since 2000. Served a church in Columbus, OH and now am in Newark, DE. Married to a great wife- warm, challenging, supportive. Two sons 4 and 14 months.

Love this blog and I too appreciate the time you spend on it. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm Bethany Tanis. I recently finished my Ph.D. in modern British intellectual history at Boston College. In the summer I will be moving to Michigan to start an assistant professorship in Modern European History at Aquinas College. I'm also the fiancee of Jack Kilcrease, whose writing appears in Logia periodically. Love the blog!

Sir Cuthbert said...

My name is Nathan, and I'm a simple layman from Michigan. I first came to your blog last fall, because I found your homily on the Canaanite woman for Reminscere (sp?) 2007. I was really struggling over prayer when I found it, and it was exactly the reasurance I needed at exactly the right time.

marlene said...

Hello from Canada!
I'm Marlene, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and am a "systems" child-Lutheran schools from K to grad of Concordia, River Forest. Met and married a Canadian there and we moved to Canada during the recession of the 1970's.
I check into the blog daily and find it always uplifting.
At the congregation I attend now I am the first year confirmation teacher. I teach the 10 Commandments and the Creed.
I also check into the ALPB site and find your comments there very fair and "Lutheran." I wonder about some of the 'guys' over there.
May God continue to bless you in your ministry.
Oh, and our son is in his first year at Concordia Seminary, Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

Tim. Southeast Missouri. Chairman of my congregation's board of elders. I've been reading your blog for over two years.

Paul said...

Paul Becker
Husband of Mary, 25 years plus
Father of Katie, Caleb, Josiah and Julie
Pastor at Concordia, Kingsport TN

Thanks for your faithful and lively service to our Lord:)

Jane said...

Hi, I'm Jane Woodard and an organist at Gloria Christi Lutheran Church, Greeley, Colorado. I have been reading your blog since I heard you speak at a conference here last year. I find it enjoyable and informative.

Anonymous said...

One of your favorite daughters!!
(and FAVORITE son-in-law)
I think you know our info ;)


Debbie Theiss said...

Debbie Theiss from Houston! Thanks for your posts!

Anonymous said...

Mark Drews,

Congrats, Bill on your milestone...

My current vocation is pastor at Zion Lutheran (LCMS), Mt. Pulaski, IL--about 90 miles north east of Hamel.

My free time is spent on my wife Melanie and our two beautiful daughters Grace and Hope.

I had the distinct pleasure of serving as Bill's second vicar from August 2001-July 2002.

Past Elder said...

No "regulars" introducing themselves fbo more recent readers and commenters?

"Past Elder" is Terry Maher, LCMS layman, past elder in WELS, convert from Righteous of the Nations status in Orthodox Judaism in turn from pre-Vatican II Roman Catholicism, recovering academic.

Widower, two kids, live in Omaha.

Paul McCain said...

Paul McCain
Saint Louis, Missouri

Marty Porter said...

Marty Porter

Sauk Centre, Minnesota
LCMS pastor.
Isn't Lutheran theology great?!

William Weedon said...

Welcome, one and all - old friends and new! Thank you for "delurking" for the moment and sharing a bit about yourselves.