24 February 2009


After Vespers today, move your book mark in your Treasury of Daily Prayer to page 24. Today we bid farewell to Job (hey, at least we made it to the joyful words of chapter 19) and John (ending with the woman caught in adultery and Luther's great thoughts on that); tomorrow we plunge into Genesis and Mark.


Mike Keith said...

During Matins this morning I had one member join me. I often have 1-3 members join me for Matins most mornings. However, they have found many of the Wiritngs from TDP difficult. Today's, however, was very well received. Luther's words there were great!

Omar said...

Danke schön herr Weedon :)

Der rat ist sehr hilfreich.

I just got a copy of TDP and I still have to get used to the ribbons :) This is the first time I am attempting to have a regular and comprehensive cycle of prayer and devotion. Thanks for the lenghty (and effusive :-)) thoughts on TDP.

William Weedon said...

Lieber Omar,

De nada, mi Amigo. :)

Pastor Keith,

Sometimes the writings are a bit "dense." I like that, though, on the whole.

christl242 said...

What joy it is for me to begin the Lenten readings and prayers in TDP as a Lutheran on this Aschermittwoch!

Thanks be to God!