20 July 2009

Crazy Day

Started with exercise - did it at home and then off for a long bike ride with some interval training. Then shower and work. The funeral director miscommunicated and I thought Larmen's funeral was Wednesday, and horribly disappointed at missing it, but glad to be at Higher Things for the whole time; then Pr. Curtis called to tell me it was Thursday, and I was thankful to be at the funeral on Thursday, but disappointed about missing the final two days of Higher Things. Lined up organist for funeral. Finished up bulletin and homily for the same. Got Church set up and ready to go. Still to finish tonight: packing for trip. Coffee made and set to go off at 4:15. Thermos washed and waiting. Cindi's got snacks prepared. David is holding down fort while we're headed north. No homily yet for Sunday. Hopefully some time on Thursday afternoon or evening? Never rains but it pours. Right now, feeling kind of drenched...

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