17 July 2009

On Walter

He was a fixture in our household, as in countless others. And yes, the most trusted man in America. My parents thought the world of him. I think one of the reasons was that he rose above the ridiculous spin that we have all but come to take for granted. And unlike the rude anchors of today, he was unflaggingly courteous. You never knew HOW he felt about some of the most controversial matters he reported on. Yes, I do think he embodied objectivity in his reporting, as much as can be accomplished through a visual media, and that that was a good thing. It's loss is damaging to us indeed, turning news reporting both left and right more into propaganda and smear campaigns than anything useful. Walter was one of the greats. May God's eternal slight shine upon him, and may his family experience the comfort Christ alone can give!


Scott said...

I feel the same way. Whatever his political leanings, and I have heard they were quite left of center, he did not put them in the way of his reporting the news. His famous line at the end of his newscast gave you the indication that you got what you wanted, the NEWS. That the way it was. . .

Past Elder said...

It reflects a different era too. From radio and newsreels at the movies to TV (as in three or four channels), a common source in a shared space.

Now, we can get news any time we want from any where in the world. I couldn't tell you who the network anchors are now, or the last time I watched one of their shows.

We won't have another Walter Cronkite now, even if there is one out there. Or a Chet Huntley or David Brinkley (who I watched mostly). More has passed with him than just himself.