23 July 2009

What Is It About Luther's Hymns?

So rugged, so strong, so beautiful. I'm listening again to CPH's offering on his hymns and they just bless the socks off me! Isaiah right now:

Holy is God the Lord of Sabaoth!
Holy is God the Lord of Sabaoth!
Holy is God the Lord of Sabaoth!

Great stuff.


single lutheran said...

I agree! I love so many different hymns, including many of Luther's.

Steve said...

I am a military musician by trade but have had the privilege of being around Godly music all my life. I have never seen anything that can compare to our Lutheran musical heritage. From Luther's Hymns to Bach's masses and oratorios the best music on the planet has always been in God's house.

WM Cwirla said...

I still prefer the 17th c. Lutheran hymns to the 16th. Praetorius, Hammerschmidt, Buxtehude, Sch├╝tz. I do love the strength of Luther's hymns, including the one you posted. Very angular musical line. So different from the saccharine sentimentality of today.