27 July 2009


Carl dropped by some blackberries this afternoon (THANKS! And Tom dropped by some by later too!). Cindi decided it was time to create a lo-carb cobbler. Oh, baby! FABULOUSO! An almond crust for the topping and some no sugar added ice-cream on top. Nummy, nummy.

And that was AFTER we stuffed ourselves at dinner: barbeque chicken and clam kabobs with assorted veggies betwixt and between. Summer eating at its best.

Oh, and for lunch we feasted on some fresh tomatoes on our sandwiches (thanks Louie and Marilyn and Lynn). Summer time and the eating is TASTY!


Anonymous said...

You are blessed in your friends, too. Anybody who picks blackberries and shares them is indeed generous!
(I remember the thorns.)


William Weedon said...

We are indeed blessed in them - everyone of them, Helen. How I'd love for you to meet them all - someday you just need to talk your daughter into a road trip to Hamel when you're up here visiting and you all can spend the weekend with us and get to know them first hand. More of our great Lutheran family to love and cherish. That's a very serious offer - we could put you in Bekah's room on the main floor with no stairs. And we'd love to get to meet your daughter too!

Anonymous said...

I'll float that idea and see what comes of it.