17 July 2009

July 17

and it feels like June 1. What gives? No pool today, that's for sure. Went to the Y for my workout this a.m. after Matins. Great burn! Walked off 1100 calories in an hour's worth of walking at 20% incline at 4 mph. Then Cindi and I headed out for a bit of shopping and for lunch - El Maguey's, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Edwardsville. They have a dish called pollo feliz that we both love and invariably it's what we order. Also best salsa around. We got home and jumped on our bikes. Did about 8 miles but felt like a lot more - 1/2 of the way the wind was strongly blowing against us. Have I ever told you guys how much I LOVE our new bike trail???

Came home and began finishing up a birthday dinner now for Opa - he, Jo and Sandy will join us tonight to celebrate his 72nd birthday, a few days late. Cindi's had the beef marinating in barbeque sauce since last night (she throws it on the grill even though it's a roast; comes out fabulous!). She's also planning some creamed corn, a salad, and a french apple pie for the non-low carbers and Cindi and I have a coconut pie with almond crust (that almond crust is TASTY!). Then after dinner its off to see David and Anna in Willy Wonka at the University. Must be a great show - David said they've had standing ovations for the last two performances.

Pity we'll be back so late, because I'll bet it would be a great evening for a fire and enjoying our wine outside. Wonder if this very mild and wet summer portends anything for what we can expect this year with winter?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. "Pollo feliz" -- happy chicken ??

Now I am intrigued!


WM Cwirla said...

Dude - rest up for round 2 of Higher Things - Sola. We're going to Grand Rapids!!

Anonymous said...

Please, don't say "fire" where Texans are listening in.
I can't remember a day that wasn't in three digits any more. :(

Lord, have mercy and send us some of that rain!

Past Elder said...

Not sure the pollo is so feliz about it!

(OK, I said that for die Christine.)

Grand Rapids? Oy.