30 July 2009

Today's Ups and Downs

Matins, then off to the hospital to be with Clara and family while the doctor attempted to shock her heart back into rhythm. Thanks be to God, it appears to have worked! Keep her and Roy in your prayers though. Then to visit Heather & Nathan, bringing Heather communion, and offering prayers of thanksgiving for the safe arrival of Aubrey Annetta and make arrangements for the little one's Baptism into Christ. Home to work on prayers for Sunday before a bite for lunch. Then a trip to Highland to visit with Janet and bring her communion; she looked better than last time by far. Over to Rolene's for the anointing of the sick and prayers - her last days are definitely upon us. I'll likely drop in to pray Commendation of the Dying with her tomorrow. May the Lord grant her a peaceful end to her earthly pilgrimage and great consolation to her family. Home to blog a tad and attempt to wrap up Bible studies that are due to CPH by tomorrow (four down, three to go!). In the middle of those enjoyed one of Cindi's fine dinners (sloppy joes with cole slaw on top - we love that and David wondered if others ate the combo that way? - and then some of her fabulous black berry cobbler!), skipped bootcamp to keep on writing, and then finished up with Vespers. Now enjoying a glass of wine and trying to figure out how to get everything done that needs to get done tomorrow. Deep breath. Vacation just around the corner...


Pam Nielsen said...

Slaw on sloppy joes? I've not done that but learned years ago when spending the summer in Portmouth Virginia that many put slaw on top of their barbequed pulled pork sandwiches. It's great that way!

Anonymous said...

I think Clara must have been glad you were there!
I had that adventure three months ago and was very glad that my Pastor was with me while the Drs. did their little experiment.
(It worked, too. Now I have yet another pill.)

I am still drooling at the thought of that blackberry cobbler!