15 October 2010

Fabulous concert

tonight by Collinsville Chorale.  They excelled on "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" (yeah, I'm a softie for Simon and Garfunkel anyway).  I may say without prejudice that my beloved wife is one of the more interesting singers to observe:  she gives herself wholly into each song and her eyes are fixed on Andy as he conducts.  And if my eyes stray from my beloved wife, there's always my daughter to behold, almost (but not quite as much) into the singing as her mommy.  Hopefully for the Christmas concert we'll have ALL the Weedons singing.  Andy is a hoot and a half to sing with - he's totally got the gift.  TOTALLY.


Anonymous said...

Who is Andy?

William Weedon said...

Andy Waggoner - the very talented conductor of the Collinsville Chorale.