23 October 2010


Maria Johanna will be visiting, together with her parents (Pr. and Laura Braun) and siblings.  Looking forward to it!  We decided on our menu and made up most of the goodies today.  Induction Chili (no beans); Cheese Potato Soup; two loaves of french bread (one topped with sesame and one with poppy); and some ginger bread for dessert (or left over pies - a chocolate or a strawberry).  The house is smelling mighty fine.  I can just see David bopping in after work (should be here about the time the french bread comes out of the oven!) and feasting on the smells only to be told:  "Sorry, hands off; it's all for tomorrow."  He gets that adorable sad puppy dog face when he's told "no" about food.


Rev. James Leistico said...

had the pleasure of having the growing family here today (yes, 11 kids and four adults can sleep in the parsonage.) Hopefully I didn't give them my cold.
and our little goddaughter, Laura Ruth, is quite adorable. Almost as adorable as your goddaughter Sophia Lorene.

William Weedon said...

She is adorable! But then, so is Sophia!!! And Maria has the winningest smile I've ever seen. So good to visit with them. I've gotten to visit (briefly!) with three of my four godchildren this fall. Need to fit in Linsey somewhere!!!!