03 October 2010

My Tribute to T. S. Eliot

upon the Eve of my 50th birthday:

I grow old,
I grow old,
I shall wear my trousers rolled.
Do I dare to eat a peach?
What?  Are you nuts?
Peaches are full of carbs!


Pr. H. R. said...

What a terrible way to spend your birthday! With a bunch of pastors!

The worst.

Past Elder said...

A vision for ten years from now:

Ain't got time to be old.
Don't call 'em trousers and don't roll 'em either.
Eat a peach if I damn well want to.

At least that's the view from 60 from here! Eliot, Judas H Priest. Maybe I should retrace my steps back to Mother England -- but I ain't converting to the CofE lemme tell ya, I'm looking up the nearest ELCE parish!

And Happy Birthday, in case I forget to post same on FB! This blog has been a big deal to me and many others.

Scott Diekmann said...

Happy last unbirthday of your forties. I remember reading Elliot's "Love Song" in high school. Brings back some memories. Fortunately, it's the short-term memory that's the first to go!

Jeremy Loesch said...

Happy Birthday Will! Enjoy the start of this new decade.

Your blog is a present to me. I have nothing to offer in return.


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, this poem made me giggle.

Pastor Peters said...

What do 50 year old men wear? Boxers or briefs?


Happy early Birthday Wil

Dixie said...

Happy B-day, Pastor Weedon! Older, wiser, no worse for the wear...may you see many more!

William Weedon said...

Thanks, all. I appreciate the kind words. And Jeremy - your friendship is a blessing more dear than any blog posts. Pax!

Acroamaticus said...


That made me laugh - I'm an old Eliot fan - not as old as you though!
Many happy returns, William.

PS I tried Atkins once; it worked, but I couldn't stick at it - I missed my Vegemite on toast for breakfast (you probably have to be Australian - or British (in which case it would be Marmite) - to understand that.)

Anonymous said...

"Do I dare to eat a peach?
What? Are you nuts?
Peaches are full of carbs!"

Peaches are past their best. Autumn is for apples and pears. :)

Belated happy birthday!
I've missed you a couple of days,
it would seem.
God bless!

Scott Larkins said...

Always figured you were an October guy. As am I.