27 October 2010

So far...

...Office 2011 for Mac gets a solid A for performance.  All except for STILL lacking book folds - very important for a church!  The work around is to make Lutheran Service Builder save formats fitting for a full page and then use "PDF Create Booklet" to make bulletin go.  Not the BEST solution.  Microsoft, give us book folds on the Mac!


The Rev. BT Ball said...

How 'bout the hymnal? Skip the weekly killing of trees, haven't you read the new CTCR document?

Todd Peperkorn said...

Apple Pages has booklet creation.

Joshua Kurtenbach said...

I have had sucess making booklets with CocoaBooklet. It is a free download. And I use an older version of Microsoft Office for Mac.

Tapani Simojoki said...

What The Rev. BT Ball said

William Weedon said...

I've all but forgotten about CocoaBooklet. I once downloaded that. Will have to check it out.

And where does Pages do booklet creation? I honestly don't recall seeing that in there. Any help, Todd, would be appreciated.

As for you Greenies? I'm going to print out this reply and throw it in the trash in your honor! ;)

Past Elder said...

Does the Lutheran Service Builder allow for printing hymns as in a hymnal -- all four parts?

This everybody sings the melody thing drives me nuts. If you ain't gonna part sing you might as well be a damn Catholic.

William Weedon said...

Just melody, but we don't print out the hymns. We always use the hymnal to sing the hymns; just the liturgy is printed out.

Past Elder said...

This is interesting. I liked the title "Lutheran Service Book" because it is just that, a book for services, and not strictly a hymnal, a book of hymns.

Not that it's the first to be a service book, but the first to call itself a service book rather than a hymnal but it's more than hymns.

THE Lutheran Hymnal is a case in point, a service book we call a hymnal because it has hymns in it.

But what I see in practice is just what you describe. Everywhere I go, the service is printed out and the only use of the service book is as a strictly speaking hymnal.

Doesn't matter I suppose, it's always DSI and the novus ordo lectionary regardless. Which is already a little too close to being back in post-conciliar Rome for my comfort level, but when everybody sings soprano too that's too much. What's next, singing just the first two or three stanzas like they do?

Heaven must be the Common Service and everybody belting it out in four parts. Sure ain't never seen that on Earth!

Anonymous said...

Past Elder,
Have you ever been to rural Minnesota? They still do four parts in the rural churches here. Some of us still do the Common Service also. And, we can't afford to print out the service like some! ;-)
Rev. Benjamin Pollock
LC-MS Pastor of three rural churches in W. MN

Rev. James Leistico said...

I've never seen book folds as an option for Word... I think it's Microsoft's way of forcing you to use Publisher.
(and to my fellow Westfield-ite, not every Southern Illinois parish can afford to print off a whole service either. My two volunteer secretaries complain if we have more than a half sheet insert.)

Rev. James Leistico
LC-MS pastor of two rural parishes in southern Illinois

Past Elder said...

I grew up in southeastern MN, but, as it was also known to me at the time as the Diocese of Winona, I attended Lutheran services on the basis I attend RC ones now, if someone I know gets married or dies.

Then I went to university at die Abtei, which is in the Diocese of St Cloud but nobody paid that much attention, which was well stocked with Lutherans but they were all liberals so they don't count.

Matter of fact in those days leading up to Seminex they were all watching LCMS hoping it would break out of its oppressive, repressive and depressive patriarchal shell and join the 20th Century, or at least the 19th.

I was rooting for the other side.

Still am.

William Weedon said...


It's there. You have to select options on the print page and one of the choices is book folds or brochure printing or something like that. I use it all the time.