02 October 2010

Love this weather!

Cindi gathered the family together for an early birthday breakfast for Meaghan and myself.  The table was loaded:  whole-wheat pancakes with blueberries and just plain; low-carb protein pancakes; over 2 lbs of bacon fried up; hash browns; fruit salad; and fresh coffee.  It was fabulous. And it rained while we were eating breakfast and then cleared up, so headed out for a run.  Seven miles, but it felt so great out I could have run another seven.  I didn't realize that running when temps are in upper fifties could be so pleasant.  It's perfect!  Cindi and Lauren went roller-blading and took Dudley, the coon hound, along with them.  Now the sun keeps breaking through and the sky has that unmistakable shade of October blue.  Love it!

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Larry Luder said...

Happy Birthday Rev Weedon! Please convey the same to Meaghan. May the Lord bless you both with good health and many more birthdays.