30 October 2010

A stunningly beautiful day!

This October takes the cake for beautiful months.  There are still some leaves hanging around, though most are gone.  The air this morning was crisp - about 55 when I set out for my run.  Ran down to Hamel and back and a littler farther - enough to make 5 miles.  Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful to see in nature:  from wooly worms to very sluggish grasshoppers (surely both on their last legs), a horse and a goat and some sheep grazing amid the brown grass, two beautiful cows that our neighbors have just put in their pasture, the blue sky with a pattern of puffy cloud, the empty fields and the sun shining bright.  Very nice!

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Phillip said...

Nothing like fall in the midwest.

Always been my favorite.

I remember going to college in Denton, Tx (north of Dallas) and experiencing the blue of prairie falls. Lost them when I returned to Galveston Bay Area upon graduation.

Moving to Illinois in 1993 brought these wonderful falls back to me. Thank you for reminding me to take a moment to rejoice in them and give thanks.