10 July 2006

It's Official

St. Paul's voters tonight, among other things, approved the switch to and purchase of the Lutheran Service Book. We hope that the books will be in place prior to the congregation's anniversary service on October 1st. A very kind and generous donor offered to fund up to 1/2 or $4000 for the books.


Anonymous said...

congratulations. I know you were hoping for this. Its great that someone has already pitched in a sizeable chunk. What a blessing for your parish.


William Weedon said...

Thanks, Deb. Yes, the donor thing took me by surprise (though why it should is beyond me - these people are always amazing!). I am delighted that the parish will have this wonderful book in their hands. I hope many of our parishioners order copies for home as well. Pax!

cheryl said...

that's great. I hope our church does the same.