04 July 2006

Solving the Pinochle Mystery

Calling all pinochle fans - I seek definitive answer to an ongoing disagreement between my wife and myself. Is pinochle best played with the players being limited to the measley hand that fate dealt them, or should they have the opportunity to pass cards to the partner who names trump? Asburry and I stand solidly with passing. My wife and unnamed others insist on the boring old "what you've been dealt is it." Which shall it be?


Chaz said...

In the Lehmann rite, cards are passed.

FatherDMJ said...

These are the rules in the Juhl household as codified by State of Illinois employees who play Pinochle on their lunch hour.

1. No passing. Play what you got.
2. No auction bid. One bid only. Either you got 'em or you don't.
3. Minimum opening bid is 150, or "Fifteen".
4. Four hands = one game. No first to a certain score business.
5. Ace, Ten, King are the only counters.

These are the rules. They are the only rules I know. Makes for a speedy game.

William Weedon said...

Well, today we played both ways. We played 8 games of not passing, and the men won 6 of those.

So we tried some with passing. We played 3 games that way, and the women won 2.

So I don't know why the women complain about passing! They obviously do better at it. But anyway you add it up, the gentlmen won 9 games and the women won 4.

Dcs. Emily Carder said...

Oooops... I like passing. Does that make me a traitor or something?

Chaz said...

St. Em,

That depends on who you ask!

William Weedon said...


It means that I need YOU to come explain to my wife how to play pinochle!!!

Seriously, is it a "west side of the Mississippi" phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

What!!!!! A Pastor CHEATING at cards! I'm gonna have a coronary! Do you pass cards in any other card game you play? Tisk, tisk! Play with the cards you were dealt!!!!!!

William Weedon said...

Of course we pass cards in other games! What about Hearts? : )

Anonymous said...

Passing cards in any game was a tabu I learned while growing up! Got ya a good whop up side the head where I came from!