13 July 2006

The Korby Gems Come Tumbling Out...

....a la Petersen, a la Fast...

Petersen said: A prophet. Indeed!


"Sinful men become idolatrous over bread and wine. They anchor their hearts to bread and to its security; they crave it for reasons of fear or greed, lust or hate. Men fight over bread, its production and distribution and control. Men make it the grand end of all their being (either pleasure or power) and men are heart-broken, full of anxiety, when the bread of their life is threatened. It was around food (given for use under the Word of God) that Satan organized his first attack on man in order to get man to use food under the word of Satan and thus frustrate God's purposes for man. The Second Adam in the wilderness was confronted by the deceiver with the same simple yet fate-full choice. And so are you!

You don't have to be trained in the art of anxiety---how to worry successfully. Just doing what comes naturally will soon feed you on an ample diet of anxiety. But even beyond the worry and anxiety, you don't need training in how to become an effective grumbler. You can (by nature) murmur quite skillfully about everything from your wife to your preacher, from your professor to your roomate......Or have you found it necessary to take a course on greed? Who has had to teach you the art of discontent?......If a man feeds himself on his greed and discontent, this is finally what he becomes -- greed. We become what we "eat" -- and I am not speaking only of groceries. Aye! We become what we eat. Jesus says to us. Take eat; take drink. In the mystery of His own Person, in the power of His own Act of Love, He shapes us by feeding us on Himself. He not ony feeds us on His Body; He builds us into His Body!"

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Anonymous said...

One of Ken's lines that really got through to the undergrads at VU went something like this: If the Big Spook doesn't get you, then the little ones will.
Pure Korby summation of an entire stream of Patristic and Luther theology.
Fr. Hank