08 July 2006


We had a little get-together yesterday. The Landskroeners, Robin Fish, Asburrys, Vicar, Bowers, Holles, Riklis, Curtises, and the indominable and famous Archeologist, Dr. Lee Maxwell, newly returned from digging in the dirt in Syria. (Did I leave anybody out?) Much joy, and an obscene amount of food! Nasty martinis supplied by the Vicar:

(just look at Lee's face and you can see what that sucker tastes like!):

Outstanding lo-carb beer offered by yours truly (why did vicar get more takers than me?):

Lots of laughter and joy - even though that dog, Pastor Curtis, was celebrating his 29 (!!!!) birthday. Aside from the Bowers empyting out the contents of their freezer (don't ask!), the absolute hit of the party, though, were the newest members of the Asburry family, held here by Christina and Jonathan:


FatherDMJ said...

First of all, the words "outstanding" and "lo-carb beer" cannot be used in the same sentence. 'Tis an oxymoron.

Second, martinis are the ruin of a fine gin. Vodka martinis? Is outrage!

Now domestic whisky...that's another story.

Great picture of Lee, BTW.

Chaz said...

You must be saying that I should use Tanqueray for my martinis. Is outrage!

I used good gin, but I don't think it's a waste. If I used bad gin (Tanqueray), it would be.

RevFisk said...

Chaz, if you're reading this:

*Love* the beard! Keep it!


Chaz said...

Most female folk don't care for it. They outrank you, Pr. Fisk, but thanks for the thought. ;-)

William Weedon said...


Sooner or later you will realize that what women really respect and desire is a man who doesn't give a fig about what women think about such matters. - Sign me Male Chauvenist Pig. Oink Oink. : )