02 July 2006

Unexpected Gifts from the Lord

When vicar arrived at Church today, he told me that service at early would be a little light perhaps. I looked at him questioningly. He said: Because Dr. Nagel's preaching at the late service.

First *I'd* heard of it. Seems some of the congregation arranged this in honor of 20 years of serving in the office of the ministry. Dr. Nagel was a delight, as always, and preached upon the Epistle. If I get a copy of it, I'm going to post it.

Then the Nagels, Vicar, two seminarians (and one seminarian girlfriend) joined us for Sunday supper (which Cindi miraculously pulled together - for 10 of us! - in under an hour). Betsy regaled us with stories about O.P. Kretzmann that had us all laughing. Kindest comment from Besty was that they would love to come out here for worship it were not so far - the people's singing and whole-hearted participation in the liturgy did not go unmarked.

In short, I am a very blessed man: blessed in my teachers, blessed in my vicars, blessed in my parish and above all blessed in my family. Soli Deo gloria!


FatherDMJ said...

And I am blessed to call you my friend and STILL (!) my brother in Office.

Cheers to you from one who will this Friday celebrate 4 years in the Preaching Office.

William Weedon said...

Thanks, David. And I am honored to have you as both brother, friend, and colleague. Pax Christi!

Rev. Ryan Fouts said...

One Word: Glorious!

Anonymous said...

Did Norman wear his knee breeches, black silk stockings and silver buckel shoes, along with his black frock full button coat with Anglican rabat ? That was his regular Chapel of the Ressurection attire.
Ask me and I'll tell you how the oh so Australophobic young Norman picked up his Oxbridge accent. His roomie at Sem was my doctor father,,,,, hee hee.
Fr. Hank

William Weedon said...

Fr. Hank,

Do tell all. Sadly, he was not so dressed - I'd have love to see that. So you remember him from Valpo, eh? Did you also get to study with Korby? If so, I'm going to be howling with envy: Korby, Nagel, Kretzmann, AND Piepkorn. Rather, greedy of you, I'd say! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, as the story goes, as for all good seminarians of the day, dating was not encouraged, so Norman used the time and effort saved to set himself to losing his colonial accent by parroting BBC world service daily, well into the night. It worked !
At VU Norman had two mondes of dress - only. Tweeds, tattersal shirts, and brown oxfords with argyle socks,,,,,, or, in the previously described rig, looked, and acted, for all the world like the Dean of Coventry. The money had it that he would settle for Dean of the National Cathedral if it came to that. He devoured every issue of "Cathedral Age" with relish and knew the place stone by stone.
Campus joke went someting like this: "What DOES Nagel do? I don't know, but Betsy is really nice." His daily regimen of a portion of raw chopped beef liver at lunch was as well known as late afternoon Sherry at the Deanery, though not as notorious. One never angled for a luncheon invigtation.
Had "Two Kingdom" Korby both as a prof and a colleague,,,,,, another scholar saint, and a humble and brilliant teacher. Evenings at the Korby's was something to be looked foreward to both for Mother Korby's board and hospitality, and Ken's pious brilliance and high good humor.
Do know the state of his health, he didn't make it to St Louis for his honorary doctorate.
Not greedy, just entitled,,,,, I'm Anglo Saxon afterall. hee hee
Fr. Hank

FatherDMJ said...

The last I've heard about Dr. Korby was he is living at Lutheran Homes on the south side of Ft. Wayne, IN. The stroke took the use of one side of his body as well as his voice.

That deep, rich bass made deeper and richer by Camel straights is silenced for now. He will sing again, louder and joyful than ever.