06 July 2006

Patristic Quote for the Day

Since He is offered up in many places, are there many Christs? Not at all. The one Christ is everywhere, being completely here and completely there, one body. For as He who is offered in many places is one body, and not many bodies, so is He also one sacrifice. He is that High Priest of ours who has offered the sacrifice that cleanses us. We also now offer that which, having been offered then, was not consumed. This is done in remembrance of that which was done then. "This do," says He, "in remembrance of Me." For we not make another sacrifice, as the high priest, but always the same. We rather bring about a remembrance of the sacrifice. - Chrysostom, Homily 17 on Hebrews (cited in the Catalog of Testimonies appended to The Book of Concord)


BOC Nut said...

What edition of the Book of Concord is that quote from? We expect you, Rev. Father Weedon, to provide better bibliographic references!!

William Weedon said...

Alright, you BOC Nut, WHENEVER I quote from the BOC, unless otherwise noted, it is from the FIRST EDITION of CONCORDIA: The Lutheran Confessions.